By Grant Falk

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A long hiatis from blogging...........and it was mom doing it for him!!

Grant's mom here..........I dont' know what brought me to this blog today, but, wow, did we have a rough time of it!  I'm happy to report Grant graduated high school, and is now actively looking for a job, and has turned 21 years old!  He continues his fight..........not with cancer anymore, but with the blood clots in his legs.  He's on blood thinners, which are keeping them at bay, for now.  He does have a thingy that covers his main artery, so a clot can't get thru.  An anacava filter, or something like that.  I can't remember exactly, as it's been a few years now.  I'm so proud of my youngest son, who has come thru this ordeal with a good attitude, a gentle soul, and a great sense of humor.  He lost most of his childhood after he was 12, but.....he continues to amaze me daily.  Thanks to all who watched our journey & prayed for us.  As a person who likes to be "in control" I've learned I really have none...........Take care all & good luck to you all!   Keep fighting against cancer & donate if you can to LLS, American Cancer Society or Seattle Cancer Care Alliance & Seattle Children's Hospital. 

Friday, October 2, 2009


Wow....I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged. Had a great summer vacation. Went to visit my Aunt Karie & Uncle Noah in Custer, SD. We drove there & back and it took about 2600 miles of driving. We stopped all over to visit my mom's friends & relatives along the way. Then I went fishing in Alaska with my grandpa Jack. Caught lots of big coho's and kings. I played lots of video games and went to a bunch of movies.
Now, it's back to school. I like Mountlake Terrace High School. All my friends are there. I do think I'll go visit the Fred Hutch School sometime and show them how well I'm doing.
I've been pretty well. No sickness, no cancer. It's nice. I do have to get flabotomys still. That's where they drain off a pint of blood out of me and throw it away. I have high iron, so that's the easiest way for me to get my iron levels down. I have one today, and another one in about 3 weeks, then I might get the Port taken out. I still have the Port in my chest so they can take out the blood. My arms don't like getting stuck any more. It'll be nice to get that out, and back on with my normal life. I had a bunch of testing done last month, and the SCCA has officially let me go. I only have to check in there once a year now. I'm still going to Childrens' Hospital for testing for the Ewings Sarcoma, but that's up to every 18 months now. None of us miss the hospital, that's for sure!
I hope everyone of you has a happy & healthy autumn season. Can't wait until Christmas and then my 16th birthday the day after! I'm going to be taking driver's ed soon.....so watch out! I'll be on the road soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Greetings everyone! I am looking forward to getting out of school for the summer. We will be on the road soon for a 2 week road trip. My mom has lots of people lined up to visit along the way. We have one friend, Rob, who is a fishing guide in Idaho & Wyoming, so we will stop there for sure. I'm bringing my fishing gear. Hoping to catch a big one!! If we have time, we will blog along the way!
My dad came home for 2 weeks, from Alaska, but is already back up there. He's catching lots of halibuts.
I have a bunch of tests coming up on June 25th. These are for the 1st cancer, Ewings Sarcoma bone cancer. Hopefully, all is well....but it's always a little scary. I'm still in remission from the 2nd cancer - AML. The bone marrow transplant is working. We wrote a letter to our donor in January, but he/she never responded. I was so hoping they would......but, maybe it's hard on them. I'm sure thankful that they did it.
Have a great summer everyone!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's been several months since my last post

I've been so busy playing videos, xbox, computer games, homework & school, that I haven't had much time for this blog. However, since my last post, I got to watch my new friend Fireman Jack run up the Columbia Tower Stairs on March 8th. Running for the cure & the Leukemia & Limphoma Society. (sp??). Anyway, here's a picture to prove it. And if you wanna see more you can go to http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/seattle911/archives/163694.asp and check out the whole article in the Seattle Times & PI online. If you look in the photo section you'll see lots of firemen.

Fireman Jack wanted to meet me, so that his run could be for reason. He has 2 children around my age, and is thankful for their health. He's sure been nice to me. I went to his Firestation one day for dinner.
Maybe I should be a fireman when I'm older?? I got my permit, and am going to take driver's ed soon. Looking forward to a vacation this summer. We are going to drive to South Dakota to visit my Aunt Karie & Uncle Noah, along with my Grandma Ging. We're hoping to come back via Yellowstone. I'm looking forward to those geological wonders!! I've been once before, but I dont' remember it. I was only 4. I hope all is well in your world. My world is actually doing great!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Grant Here

Hi all,
sorry for not writing sooner, but I've been busy, busy, busy. I'm back at Mountlake Terrace High School, in 9th Grade. I did like the Hutch School, but I'm really glad to be back at my normal school with my friends.
It feels more normal. My brother is giving me a ride back & forth. I'm still in Physical Therapy, and doing ok. My body seems to be back to normal, except my energy level. I still don't have high energy like I used to.
I did have to have a port put in my chest yesterday so that the doctors can get blood out of me. My body doesn't seem to want to give any blood any more. So, since I need to drain off a pint of blood each month, this is how they are going to do it. But, man, was it painful to put in. This is the 3rd device they have put in my chest, and each time hurts worse than the last. I'm doing better today. I'm tired of feeling like a pin cushion though.
My transplant anniversary came & went - Februay 7th. It's been one year.
I'm hoping to stay healthy for a while. I have a bunch of 1 year appt's to go to at the end of this month. Not looking forward to those, but, then I should have several months off.
Hope you all are well, happy & healthy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I had a great Thanksgiving at my Grandma Ging & Grandpa Jack's. Lot's of pies! I think it ended up to be about 1/3 pie each!! We played the family game called Oh Hell. You have to bid on tricks, and there is trump, so sometimes it's difficult.
My mom always likes to point out that she has one once, Thanksgiving 1985!! Against her Grandpa Haney too!! He's gone now, but apparently he was the King of the game.
I'm still going to Fred Hutch School. I miss seeing my friends from the neighborhood, but hopefully I'll get to see them at high school soon. I had a bunch of testing done, so I can have special classes when I get there. Missing 2 years of school doesn't really help me get through school.
Of course I'd rather play video games on my xbox or online. I've been doing that alot lately, according to my mom.
We did go make gingerbread houses at my Aunt Teenie's house last Sat. I made a boat tied up to a dock! I have fish, and even some shark fins in mine. My mom made a train and an espresso stand!! My dad tried making a church, which my mom ended up saving!! So now we have a gingerbread town in our living room.
I will try to take pictures of our decorations and post them later. My mom has gone all out this year.
Keep in touch - and oh....Mrs Perry....if you read this could you email me your address??? We have card to send you, but can't seem to locate your address.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I miss seeing all my cute nurses! But.....I'm happier here at home!

Hi to all! I miss seeing all the pretty nurses, who became my friends while I was inpatient. But I do like being OUTpatient better! I will come by sometime to say hi! I wish all the patients on the SCCA floor at Children's could get out of there and stay healthy & happy. I figure I'm a miracle, so we know they happen. I hope that all the kids can get their own miracle!

Thanksgiving is coming, and I must say I will be most thankful this year. I won't have to spend it in the hospital, and I can eat all my Grandpa Jack's pies that I want!! I hope they still taste good. My tastebuds don't work like they used to!

I'm also thankful for all of you! Thanks for watching my progress, and keeping in touch. All the prayers seem to be working, so keep those going & I will keep going too.